The world only this one - Casio Poseidon OCW-T2600-1AJF drying a single

Zhang Aunt blessing to see the following post into the pit of Poseidon, think of Casio there are so handsome watch. University that will earn their own money to buy a piece of Casio more than two hundred quartz watch, with five or six years, during which there is no problem, the only drawback is that the second hand is always not allowed to scale (we should understand this for obsessive-compulsive disorder patients What it means), but think about the price, but also what bike? CASIO Casio Oceanus Poseidon Series watch to buy a brief introduction First, the primer I think most people like me, is the Aunt Zhang constantly poisoning, only Casio Oceans (CasioOceanus) series of watches to understand. Every time it appeared, that a touch of beautiful blue show always attracted a lot of people's attention. But Casio's brand, Bank of breaking the price of the total, so that some people weeding or leaving the total prohibitive. Each time the watch appears in the recommendation, and Tissot, radar similar price, it will make mechanical replica watches uk party chavesyu | like 1k Comments 1k Favorite 5k View Details Back to this Poseidon T2600, since reading this post, the post on the final recommendation of the T2600 endless water, because of work reasons to often and foreign suppliers remote connection, each time they have to call them, etc. They work, so to know their side of the time, you need a time to show the two watches (in the name of the work, how high-sounding reasons), coupled with the then girlfriend (now Lady) support, so Determined to enter a piece. Soon after the determination of weeding, in a bright afternoon, when I open a circle of friends and found cousin in Japan Hi, so quickly contact, after a week of anxious waiting, the watch finally hand (also Count to know why the call "universal circle of friends"). As for the title of why the world is only one piece, we see the last to know. This can be considered a late sun, but not pseudo-out of the box, because the rolex replica watches pictures are out of the box when the shot, but the terrible delay until now. ↑ simple box, Poseidon LOGO is the identity of the symbol ↑ remove the lid, the side of the box can be put down, then that is bad, in fact, it is easy to pick up ↑ on a watch box and install the instructions of the box ↑ do not know where I put it ↑ The exciting time is up! The surface of the film do not know is not or I have been torn, sapphire mirror is really not a name, almost no reflection, the feeling can touch the pointer ↑ beautiful crown ↑ OCEANUS! ↑ After all the membranes have been torn off. Thanks to the titanium strap, the whole watch is really light, some people think that the focus of the replica watches texture, vary it. Deep blue in the sun is particularly dazzling, art-like feeling. But the sapphire crystal, light kinetic energy, automatic income, but also so worry, no extra care. Second hand, including three small eyes of the pointer are accurately aligned the scale, is really the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder. And careful observation, the minute hand will be a micro-cell every ten seconds, one minute minute hand will go six times, the direction of the second hand went to six o'clock, minute hand just to the middle of each scale. ↑ strap close-up, practice has proved that light is light, but really do not wear ... ↑ buckle, buckle place can have three sections of fine-tuning, which is a good solution to the cut-off with a section of more than a loose section of the tight problem. There is the standard side of the sea god has been grinding to die, the back can be seen ↑ get started, 42 of the dial, arrived in the feeling a little hold, but with a habit The following is the key, small language teachers to educate us to write the article to the first echo, and now echo the title, why this piece of the sea of ​​God only this one? Because this is a customized version, not to say, on the map (mosaic hidden is his wife's name): Not clear? To a close-up (note the wear and tear at the buckle) Poseidon hand, the company just bought a laser engraving machine, idle boring take all kinds of items carved play, has carved a plastic cup, aluminum, iron, mobile phone cover, etc., due to different materials, carved out The color of the pattern will be different, and then suddenly see the hands of the Poseidon ... ... but what is good? Diamonds and gold, less than I am a sincere and sincere, so carved his wife's oath ... ... Carved out of the effect and the above sea god marked almost, but amplified to see if there is a difference, the Poseidon marked frosted feeling, it seems the placement of the laser is filled with random patterns (do not know the right technology analysis, hope But the company's engraving machine did not seem to find this filling option, only linear fill, density did not choose well, so it looks inside there will be a one of the lines