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How to Apply E-Visa for India?

Visiting a foreign country for the first time, as fascinating as it may sound, can involve a lot of effort, particularly in applying for a visa to enter the specific country. Visa application and processing is perhaps the most important and most time-consuming part too of going abroad. However, if you have the correct guidelines available and proper assistance, getting a visa can be a lot easier than you imagine!

The most convenient method of getting a tourist visa these days is E visa or electronic visa. As the name suggests, this visa can be applied for and obtained online in literally no time, quite in contrast to the conventional visa processing method.

What is E visa?

It’s an online official document that permits a person to enter into and travel within a country. E visa is definitely a better and faster substitute to standard tourist visas which are obtained hours after standing in long queues at the country’s high commission. Here, you can obtain your tourist visa in just three simple steps:

  • - Apply for your visa online
  • - Pay online for visa application and processing
  • - Receive your E-Visa within minutes of application approval

Is E visa better over standard visa processing?

Any day! Imagine standing in never-ending queues just to fill up a form to start your visa procedure and then waiting endlessly to hear the good news that you have finally been granted a visa. Now picture this: you go online and search for E visa for the particular country you wish to travel to, fill out the online application form for tourist E visa as per given instructions, make online payment, and within minutes of your application approval and receipt of payment, your E visa is issued and sent to you through email. Which method do you think is better?

Who is eligible for E visa?

Anybody who has access to a working Internet connection can apply for and obtain E visa anytime, anywhere. However, going by defined rules and laws of travel, only citizens of those countries (the names of which are listed on the visa application page of a website) that meet the desired specific criteria for foreign entry can apply for an E visa.

Where to apply for E visa?

E visa can be obtained for a number of countries by checking the full list online. If you’re looking for a tourist visa to India to enjoy its numerous fascinating offerings, then log-on to and just follow the instructions. Here, you will find all the required information on which country citizens can apply for a visa, type of visa to apply, and available payment gateways, and with each step getting cleared within minutes, you move an inch closer to making your dream destination a living reality!

Join us and get an amazing experience. We have a team of experts who will help you in each and every step throughout the entire procedure.