Getting around

Being located in the heart of the city, our guests have easy access to all modes of transport that this charming old City of Joy has to offer, whether private or public.

Hand-pulled rickshaw: Exclusively found only in our vicinity and on the verge of becoming extinct, a joy ride on one of them will take you back in time. However, they remain important for ferrying guests along with their shopping in and around the vicinity, as well as transporting guests with their luggage to and from the SHYAMOLI/GREENLINE bus stand.

Metered Yellow Taxi (non-AC): Available in plenty outside our hotel gate, ready to be of service. The history of these taxis dates back to 1958 when they first started service in Kolkata with the car model being Ambassador. Till today, everything remains the same except for the colour; they were initially black and are now yellow.

App-based AC taxi: Ola, Uber, Yatri Sathi, Rapido, to name a few, provide cars as well as motorbikes. It is best to download their app and use them. In case you need any assistance, kindly reach out to any of our staff, and they will be more than glad to help.

Metro rail: Kolkata was the first city to start Metro service way back in 1984. Today it is a good form of transport to get you around Kolkata. The nearest station from Astoria Hotel is Park Street Metro station, a 10-minute walk away, just alongside the Indian Museum.

Bus: Kolkata’s extensive bus network is the lifeline of the city, connecting its diverse neighbourhoods and suburbs. From government-operated buses to private mini busses and air-conditioned Volvo coaches, there is a bus for every budget and destination. There are 2-3 bus stands near the hotel which connect to major shopping and sightseeing destinations. Our Reception Desk will share the details.